Say It Like You Eat It: Winky

“For me, in Hong Kong, I keep busy with work and with studies. So, I don’t go back home to have dinner with family right now, I take away food all the time. After I’m off from work or from study, I usually get back home at 9 or 10pm some days, so my family has already had their dinner. And, I don’t know, our relationship since this year hasn’t been really good, everyone is busy with their own thing. But, when I came to travel in Cambodia, they don’t have much, but sometimes I see people sat on the ground, and it really seems like they like to sit on the floor and have food, I just feel like they don’t have much, but they have time to spend with their family. You can see they have children, they have the Mother, the Grandma and they sit outside at night and share their happiness.”

[Winky, China, told on June 11, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia]


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