Say It Like You Eat It: Elaine

“The table is oak, and it’s a refectory table, that relates to the era, and the style, Edwardian. We acquired it about 40 years ago, and we paid $40 (NZD) for it. We just love it. Then we acquired 4 dining chairs that matched, which were also Edwardian and oak. Some time after our large table was made, we seated 12 people around this table. And, it was some of the most fun time we had with friends and family around that table. 2 of each end and 4 on each side – everything was put into platters on the bench, and people just helped themselves. It was hilarious actually. The lovely thing, what I loved about it, and the kids did to, was everybody was part of the conversation. The trouble was everyone talked at the same time! It was hilarious.”

[Elaine, Auckland / New Zealand, told on March 17, 2016 in Auckland]


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