Say It Like You Eat It: Marius

“When I was a kid and my parents were still together, we used to have a campervan. Pretty much all the vacations we had, because they were teachers, were to France, Italy, Greece; most of the time Greece through Italy because we took the ferry from there. On the way to Italy, we went past Switzerland and there was a tunnel, which always had a traffic jam. You always knew you’ve hit the worst part. After this tunnel the climate was changing – you can smell it, you can feel it. On the side of the highway, there was one rest stop where they were growing stone pine trees. They have a very unique smell to my sister and me; we used to collect the pine nuts from the floor and crack them, and we ended up with purple fingers because the pine nuts had shells with purple powder around it. But, it was really fun to crack them because you can smell it and then you can cook with it. We used to collect them on holiday and then we knew our holiday could start because you smelt different flavours in the air.”

[Marius, Germany, told on March 16 2016, on Weiheke Island, New Zealand]


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