Say It Like You Eat It: Sefo

“Here in Fiji, the most common food on Sundays is fish; fish in different kind of ways. Fish in lolo, that’s boiled fish with coconut cream, the coconut cream has onions, garlic and other spicy ingredients, mixed together and you just boil the fish. Once you boil the fish, you put it on a plate and get the coconut cream and pour it on top. It makes me sleep after that, that’s my favourite food. Every time I have that meal, I always fall asleep. In a family house everyone eats together. Some of them have this kind of tradition that you have to wait for their Father. So, if the Dad or the Father is not there, they have to wait for him, if he is sleeping, they’ll wait for him, especially when they come back from church. Sunday is family day. Fiji is a Christian country; people go to church on Sunday.”

[Sefo, Fiji, told on May 5 2016, in Nadi, Fiji]


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