Say It Like You Eat It: Ned

“My Mother used to cook brains in 1960s, early 70s – it was a popular thing on our dinner table. But, I remember this was when I was probably quite young, I was still living in Sydney, 9, 10, maybe even 8.  I was looking at this brain on a plate in front of me. I was thinking ‘what the hell?!’ It looked too much like a human brain. And, I was just like ‘this is really weird’. They have a strange texture, kind of this slippery soft. You cut into it and it’s got these little tubes and then this fluid sort of comes out, it’s very graphic sort of thing to eat. It must have been brains and Brussels sprouts – two horrible things that I hated eating. I remember Brussels sprouts, being forced to eat them. We all had to have dinner together on a dinner table, with the 6 of us. My Father was always really grumpy and cranky, so we would pull straws on who would sit next to him, because you’d always want to sit on my Mother’s side at the table, the more peaceful side. But, I remember she forced me to eat these Brussels sprouts and brains and I felt really sick and I sort of lent over and threw up, and the vomit went all over her. That’s why she never forced me to eat anything after that

[Ned, Australia, told on April 27 in Tweed Heads, Australia]


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