Say It Like You Eat It: Paul

“My very earliest memory from my local non-league team in Scotland was having a pie and Bovril at half time. That’s one of my earliest memories of football. With football fans from all over the UK, certainly, pies are synonymous with half time food at matches. A good pie is there forever. You can see here, people come from all over the world for the Piebury Corner pies. It started in our front garden, on the other side of the stadium [Highbury] with 5,000 fans walked past our house every match day. We were surrounded by burger vans, so I was like ‘I’m going to set up a stall in my front garden and I’m going to do pies!’ It just expanded, this used to be a pie and mash shop from the First World War for 100 years – a lot of history in this shop. When all the Arsenal fans come, it makes me feel good; it makes me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile and quite cool, and something my kids can be proud of.”

[Paul, Scotland, told on August 14, in London, England]


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