Say It Like You Eat It ‘Terra Madre’: Arpi

“First of all, we are here because we wanted to present the Armenian culinary heritage and art because it is something special with our spices, with our style of preparation and with our ingredients. It is true that we are living in Lebanon, we are an Armenian community living in Lebanon yes, but we are following the traditional way of preparing our culinary specialties. We wanted to present one of our specialities, which is lentil kofte. This is a very ancient old recipe and it’s vegan, very delicious and very healthy. Our food is special because of the hands of the ladies, the know how and the passion, so when you have already a traditional know-how or a traditional recipe and you have your hands and the spirit and the will, you can make everything special.”

[Arpi, Armenia/Lebanon, told on 23 September, in Turin, Italy]


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