Say It Like You Eat It ‘Terra Madre’: Yoshi

“I’m 4th generation of sushi chef. My Grand Grandfather opened up a sushi store, but at that time not just a sushi restaurant. Then my Grandfather opened up a sushi restaurant in Tokyo and I’m taking over, so I’m 4th generation. My restaurant has opened since 1910, over 100 years. Nowadays, not only Japanese people, but international people come to my restaurant, so that’s why I often go out to visit other countries to eat sushi. When I was in Japan I would go to the university and teach sushi class, how to make sushi, sushi culture and talking about fish. Fish is very interesting and sushi is very interesting. The whole of Japan has different types of sushi and every area has different kinds of sushi. So, every time I eat sushi, I can guess where they come from and also the different cooking way of each region. There are a lot of fishermen in Japan, but each fisherman has a different way to get the fish, and they are studying how to get the fish in the best way.”

“I decide to take over my family job when I was 3 years old. When I was in elementary school somebody asked me what I wanted to do in the future, I always said ‘sushi chef’. After graduating from university I went to Canada, Switzerland, Italy and New Zealand as a ski guide, moving around as a ski guide. And I realized I was in a very good situation because I was born in a sushi restaurant, and I have a right to take over my family’s job. I realized I should take over and keep that food culture and tell people from around the world that sushi is wonderful.”

[Yoshi, Japan, told on 24 September, in Turin, Italy]



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