Say It Like You Eat It ‘Terra Madre’: Lauren

“Clay is important anyway because our civilization started only because somebody in a cave, who didn’t have WI-FI internet, found out that clay becomes hard, just by leaving it next to the fire. The following day or 2, 3 days, they come back and ‘look how hard this is. Let’s try to make a pan out of it’. They started cooking roots, cereals and leaves. And that’s agriculture started because they could cook things in a pan, instead of only grilling on an open fire. So, clay is the beginning of everything anyways, as food as we know it. It’s something you can work with your hands, that you can find it almost everywhere by a river, it’s ready available, and you can shape it into pans, cups, baking things, fridges, vases, whatever. And using them, you can stop using things you throw away, disposable things. So, that’s why I chose clay – maybe it’s the only material I can work with [laughs].”

“The idea for the project came to me the last time I was in Brazil because I went for a trip with my Dad; he was 80 years old. In visiting some of the places where I was as a kid, I saw there were covering plastic pollution. There were terrible pictures of the beaches, the non-touristy ones, where people would just dump their rubbish; you know it’s easier. They come to the river with trucks and empty them on the rivers, the beaches. It’s so big it’s going to get carried away, it does get carried away eventually, but it doesn’t make it disappear. So, I decided I had to think of something that I could do as a potter. I started inviting people from all over the world to join this crazy idea of using pottery instead of plastic for food. There are many, many people in the group and it’s growing. If somebody in their little village or city, or whatever, stops using plastic for 1 cup, it’s already 500,000 cups a year in American rates, because they are the biggest consumer of disposable plastic. That’s just 1 person in an office. The numbers are crazy, if you see the numbers you think ‘no, this isn’t happening’, because it’s so many people doing the same thing at the same time.”

[Lauren, Brazil, told on September 22, in Turin, Italy]


Save the date: December 19 ,  Lauren is hosting the world’s first ‘Less Plastic Day’

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