Say It Like You Eat It ‘Terra Madre’: Jorge

“We produce Andean cereal, and 10 years ago we reconnected with our food. Sometime ago, when I was a kid, my Mamma worked with quinoa, with kiwcha. She was like ‘Hey, you have to try this, it’s good for you’ and I was like ‘no, I want a Coca-Cola’. Now I understand why she insisted I eat those kinds of things when I was growing. I do the same now with my kids. Before knowing the power of the quinoa and the Andean cereals, I feel it’s something we can identify as ours, from the Andes.”

“Food is like music; a common language. The food in Peru is very diverse. Each region of Peru has its own way to show their customs, their cultures through the food. Now, I believe in these times, it’s very important to recover the traditions and give value to the products because people don’t know where their food comes from, they’re just eating, from the supermarket for example. But, no one is asking ‘Hey, where does that grow?’, or to read the ingredients of what they are eating.”


In Peru, fast food is a phenomenon. In Europe, I feel they are going back to their roots faster than we are doing. We are in the phenomenon where we are taking everything out; everything processed is good. I believe we’ve started to change that.”

[Jorge, Peru, told on 22 September, in Turin, Italy]


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