Say It Like You Eat It ‘Terra Madre’: Franzisko + Paola

“Thanks to Slow Food, we had the chance to meet a really special person in Leonel. A guy who had a really hard story and life, but I think this is the reason why he grew up with a pure soul. What we loved about his was his sincerity, education, and he never asked anything of us. The second night he stayed with us, we cooked something really fast because we were working all day, and we didn’t know how to cook for him because he didn’t say if he liked something or not. So, we decided to cook turkey with breadcrumb. We served the dish to him and asked ‘was the turkey good?’ He answered ‘it’s not turkey, it’s chicken, and yes, it’s very good’. I answered saying ‘it’s turkey’. He was really surprised to have eaten turkey and he opened his heart and thanked God for being with us, and to have eaten this food for the first time. After we asked him why it was the first time, he told us that in Mozambique it’s very expensive – it’s the food of ‘rich people’. A dish of turkey could cost 500 Metical. For that money a whole family could eat, so they prefer chicken and cheaper meats. 

The day after, Paola and I discussed what happened, and there was a lesson for us. Sometimes we eat and we don’t appreciate what we are eating because we are living in Europe, sometimes you don’t care about what you’re eating. Everything is so normal for us because we have money to buy turkey, chicken, everything you want. There, in Mozambique, it’s not the same. Sometimes you have to eat what you can, and we couldn’t imagine not having turkey in a lifetime. Leonel for us, has been a lesson about our life – don’t waste time on non-important things, or complain, and just live life.”  

[Franzisko and Paola, told on October 2, 2016, in Monopoli, Italy]


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