Say It Like You Eat It: Fofi

“Food always brings people together. In Greece, we like to drink and to eat a lot, so this brings us together – we still have tight bonds within our families. In the 1980/1990s, it was like a revolution, women went out to work, and a lot of processed food was consumed. Greece was getting more Americanized with processed foods, and after they understood it was not good for the health of the people, we went back to the Mediterranean diet, which is very healthy. Everybody has a small herb garden, we grow our own tomatoes, our own zucchinis, so we go back to our roots and I try to find recipes from my Grandmothers, then search for the ingredients they used.

We stay in restaurants, bars and cafés for hours, enjoying what we eat, so we drink a lot, but slowly, sip-by-sip. At the same time we have meze with our drink. Whatever is served in small plates, it can be a variety of things like cheese, tomatoes, olives, tzatziki. We have something to nibble on, so we don’t get drunk – we might get fatter, but not drunk!”

[Fofi, Greece, told on June 27, in Athens, Greece]


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