Meet my Anti-Racism Squad

One step forward. Two steps back. That’s how life has felt on the social injustice front and it’s frustrating and annoying and it makes me sad. But that’s when I get creative. So, let me tell you about a different set of collaborations – one with help from my friends.

As you may have heard, I’ve just launched my own line of Indian spice blends where 1% of sales gets donated to antiracism organizations. Back in the day, India was colonized by the British (the French and Portuguese, too) for its spice and silk trade. Open borders led to some pretty cool culinary influences regionally in India (and yes, it is more than Butter Chicken). When a person enters or leaves a place, they take a part of that place with them, so that’s kind of the inspiration here, and the idea with my blends is that there aren’t any rules as long as it’s delicious.

Edible Adventures Spices

As someone who has experienced their fair share of social and racial injustice (Canada very much included), I need it to be better. I’ve teamed up with some friends who aren’t afraid to stand up against racism and voice their opinions. Starting from October 26, local businesses across the Okanagan will be creating a feature using one of my spice blends (think of it as the unifying factor). A portion of that feature’s sales (which is completely up to them) will be donated to an anti-racism organization or Black and/or Indigenous group of their choice – I’m just planting the seed, but they are researching into their charity, creating the feature and doing the work.

SOURCED has always been about voting with your fork to support local – this is an extension of that. We’re here to learn about each other’s backgrounds, celebrate the differences, share, and be intrigued. When you come out to one of my pop-ups, you have to come out with an open mind. By adding distinctly Indian spices into the DNA of another business we can expand even more minds and taste buds. AND THAT IS BLOODY EXCITING.

For small and independent restaurants, winter is not fun at the best of times. I’m hoping my people become their people (if you’re not already). If you could help spread the word, we’d really really appreciate it.


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If there is a small business in the Okanagan that isn’t on this list but may be into continuing this collaboration and conversation, please ask them to give me a shout at
Full disclosure: The Paisley Notebook does not take any revenue from these features. Only the cost of spices are covered by the partnering business (because that’s fair). 

Now cue ‘we are the world’,


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