5 Other Ways To Help Small Businesses

1. Pay by e-transfer, cash (if they’re accepting it) or debit if possible

My Square processing fees are roughly 3.26% per credit card transaction (I don’t pay a monthly fee though). American Express has the highest processing fees around. I know AMEX is good from a consumer point of view but not so much for small businesses.

2. Scout out uber-talented local makers and offer to pick-up

Holiday markets and events are a no-go with the latest B.C. orders. They’ve been planning and crafting like one of Santa’s elves and now don’t have a place to sell.

3. Go direct-to-the-source

if you can to put the most amount of cash in the pockets of those who created the thing in the first place.

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4. Buy one, gift one, recommend one

– sharing is caring and all.

5. Ask the small business you’ve purchased from for their local recommendations for extra fuzzy feels

When I travel, I go to my must-eat place first, and then I scout out local life using insider tips from the bartender or staff. Life is better when you trust people who live it.

Small business is all about looking after you (it’s written in their moral contract), and they are doing everything they can and more to keep you safe whilst shopping.

Now, the stage is yours.

Photo credit: Jessica Zais Photography; Phototype Halifax

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