The Delicious AF Book Club

co-created by Jennifer Cockrall-King and Aman Dosanj

This is what happens when two food people with curious minds join forces to dream up a truly inclusive food-themed book club (it’s a work-in-progress).

The aim of the Delicious AF Book Club is to create a fun, diverse, and welcoming community that wants to discover writers from diverse backgrounds who have lots to say but have a difficult time getting heard because of all sorts of social injustice. Jenn and I draft up key themes and discussion points for each session as a rough guide, but we want to see where we end up. Everyone is invited to the book club dinner table at our house!

Our third virtual book club meetup will happen on February 1.  You can hop on the call whether you’ve had the time or not to read the book. Together, we’ll eat, drink, and talk about

Eat a Peach: A Memoir

by David Chang and Gabe Ulla


Here are a couple of links to whet your appetite for this memoir: Link 1 | Link 2

* Trigger Warning: this book contains references to mental illness and suicide throughout 

You can find this book at your local library. If you are purchasing, how about supporting your local independent bookstore?

Here’s a link to a Google maps compilation of independently owned bookstores in Canada. And here’s a link to bookstores owned and operated by Black, Indigenous, and people of colour.


Book Club #3: Monday, February 1, 2021 

The book: Eat a Peach by David Chang

Time: 5:30 PM (PST) for 60-minutes (followed by an after-party where we’ll have dinner virtually together to discuss more)

Where: Zoom

Price: $0

Co-hosted with Victoria-based pastry chef, Kimberly Vy

Sign-up here: – the password is ‘luckypeach’

If you’re an eager beaver and would like a jumpstart for March, we’re shifting gears to Tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine by Shane Chartrand and Jennifer Cockrall-King (as in our Jenn). This session is co-hosted by Shane and Jenn – woohoo!

Our ever-evolving list of potential reads (this is just a start):

  • Braiding Sweetgrass / Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • The Cooking Gene / Michael Twitty
  • Cuisine and Empire / Rachel Kaiden 
  • Eat a Peach / David Chang
  • Black, White and The Grey / Mashama Bailey
  • The Cuisine of Life
  • Anything / Kim Thuy
  • Love, Loss and What We Ate / Padma Laksmi
  • Notes From a Young Black Chef: A Memoir
  • Pigtails ‘n’ Breadfruit / Austin Clark
  • Fresh Off The Boat / Eddie Huang
  • Jubilee / Toni Tipton-Martin
  • Climbing the Mango Trees / Madhur Jaffrey 
  • The Measure of My Powers / Jackie Kai Ellis
  • Butter Honey Pig Bread: A Novel / Francesca Ekwuyasi
  • Yes, Chef: A Memoir / Marcus Samuelsson
  • Milk, Spice & Curry Leaves: Hill Country Recipes from the Heart of Sri Lanka/ Ruwanmali Samarakoon-Amunugama
  • Tawâw: Progressive Indigenous Cuisine / Shane Chartrand and Jennifer Cockrall-King
  • Donut King / Ted Ngoy
  • You and I Eat the Same: On the Countless Ways Food and Cooking Connects Us and One Another / Chris Ying & MAD  Dispatches Volume 1
  • To Asia With Love / Hetty McKinnon
  • Please submit your ideas in the comments below or email

Keep unlearning.

Aman and Jenn

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