About / Aman Dosanj

Born and raised in Southampton, England, but somehow jumped over the pond to Canada in 2008.

Food geek, marketing geek, ex-footballer, BSc (Hons) Graduate (2:1), former Nike UK employee, BSKYB marketing graduate scheme recipient, middle child, Western Living Magazine’s top 10 ‘Foodies of the Year’ 2015, Virgo, planner, people watcher, feminist, supporter of slow food, not your conventional brown person, storyteller, and just weird enough to be interesting. Oh, and I say the word ‘fuck’ a lot (sorry, it’s because I’m English).

After 6 years in the restaurant industry, I went on my own 8-month edible adventure across the world. Telling stories about how food connects us and hopefully meeting some amazing humans. I’m also on a mission to show that Indian food is more than diced meat in a bowl, from one region, and deserves to be branded as ‘cheap food’.

Time to fly high.