wild mushrooms, foraging for mushrooms
Posted by The Paisley Notebook | May 13, 2020
Foraging and How To Get Started

for·age verb gerund or present participle: foraging (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions. "gulls are equipped by nature to forage for food" For thousands and thousands of years,...

Posted by The Paisley Notebook | April 22, 2020
6 Food Waste Tips

As a cook and an adventurer, my connection to the land and bigger picture thinking feeds into everything I do. When the land is borrowed, you’re taught to leave no trace...

slow food
Posted by The Paisley Notebook | April 7, 2020
Slow Food: An Introduction

Food. The way we look at it, how we value it, how we consume it, and how we waste it has changed. Choice, convenience and accessibility - an assault on...

vegetable burger
Posted by The Paisley Notebook | March 19, 2020
Recipe: Beyond Real Burger

Introducing the Beyond Real Burger (like what I did there?). My own made-from-scratch plant-based burger without all the nonsense. Put simply, it's nothing like Beyond Meat or meat-like substitutes -...

Posted by The Paisley Notebook | February 9, 2020
5 Places to Eat Cookies in Kelowna

Cookies. Enough said. You don’t even need a reason. That’s why I decided to put together a tiny guide of where to go to fulfil your inner cookie monster cravings...

Posted by The Paisley Notebook | February 8, 2020
Sweet Dreams: 6 delicious vegan treats

In the words of Julia Child, ‘if you’re afraid of butter, use cream’. Dairy has legitimately been a secret weapon in the world of cooking and baking for all things...

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