Oh, hello.

But that wasn’t always the case – born and raised in Southampton, England, I somehow jumped over the pond to Canada in 2008 and unexpectedly this food thing started. After being broken by the food industry, I decided to make my own little path within the food scene, without working in or owning a restaurant again. Enter edible adventures.



Before we get to know each other at one of my pop up dinners, here’s a little about me:

Food geek, marketing geek, former England and Arsenal footballer (soccer), people watcher, feminist, BSc Business Graduate (with Honours), middle child, ex-Nike UK employee, Virgo, planner, Slow Food member, not your conventional brown person, adventurer, From The Wild alumni, imperfect environmentalist, storyteller, and just weird enough to be interesting.

Oh, and I say the word ‘fuck’ a lot (that’s because I’m English).

[the paisley notebook]

The project is all about trust – in your farmer, Canadian ingredients and the person cooking for you. That’s why every pop-up dinner has a surprise menu inspired by what’s in season and celebrating local and beautifully imperfect.

The idea behind my unscripted and unfiltered dinners is to make people think – changing a few perceptions and behaviours as we go because food shouldn’t be something we just do.

So, think of me as Morgan Freeman to guide you through things every step of the way. It’s pretty magical.


My family’s always up to something.

As a family, we moved together to start from scratch in a new country. We went through the good, bad and really dark and twisty parts of restaurant life, learning as we went along. But despite everything and closing Poppadoms, we’ve somehow ended up working with food and drink (just in our own little ways). When you take a step back and think about it, that’s quite something.

So, I thought I’d give Chef Mum and Bartender Brother a little love.

Jas Dosanj

Mum’s own spice blends and homely frozen sauces, monthly cooking classes and even her own culinary tours to India.


Bartender Harry Dosanj

Harry Dosanj
Bar Travelling Man

Pop up and mobile bar services for weddings, events, cocktail classes and anything drinks related. And you’ll see him at my dinners, too.


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