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Adventure Pack

From Royal Spice and Malabar Mix, to Kadhai Spice and Chai Baking Spice, the idea is to make using Indian spices less intimidating and more fun one edible adventure at a time. They also make local produce even more delicious.


Campfire Daal: Mixed Lentils

A dehydrated product to amp up camp food (or when you’re on the ski hill). Using organic BC lentils and gently smoked with pruned vines. Add boiling water and boom – instant daal!

The idea is to rehydrate this whilst you use a spice blend to cook up something meaty or things like rice or veggies.


Limited Release: Campfire Sambar

A dehydrated Chennai-style Sambar (tangy lentil stew) to keep you cozy you’re on the ski hill or camping (and everything in between). Using organic BC yellow split peas and a house-made sambar powder that’s gluten-free. Add boiling water to rehydrate – it’s like magic.

Limited run.


Royal Spice

Deep with royal roots, made using all the expensive spices. Red meat and a bit of heat are its partners-in-crime. Sprinkle when you season your steak or add to your burger mince (because a kebab is a kofte is a burger). Let your imagination run wild.

For a little extra inspiration, check out the doodle recipe here.


Malabar Mix

A south Indian blend inspired by Kerala. Savoury with sweet notes from things like cinnamon, fennel and star anise. Delicious with seafood, chicken, pork and veggies. My foodie friends have even baked with it, so there really aren’t any rules.

For a little extra inspiration, check out the doodle recipe here.



A fragrant mix using Chai spices. The idea is to sprinkle into your favourite baking, fruit or cocktail syrup recipes to give it a little Indian vibe. Exclusively available at The Paisley Notebook.

Kadhai Spice with leafy greens

Kadhai Spice

As seen in the Food & Drink issue of enRoute Magazine. Fennel, coriander, cumin, a touch of chilli and no weird stuff (you should probably smell me, though).

For a little extra inspiration, check out the doodle recipe here.

Sprinkling Garam Masala

Limited Release: Dosanj Family’s Garam Masala

From our family to yours. Each Indian household has its own unique blend, and this one happens to be ours. Most store-bought versions have more of the cheaper ingredients and less of the expensive spices, but not this one!  Oh, and it’s freshly roasted and ground – just smell it.

Limited release (no proper label yet as we’re testing it out).


‘A Naturally Constructed Feast’ Market Bag

Local and sustainable. Handmade in Vancouver by a non-profit social enterprise that employs and empowers at-risk women, printed with eco-friendly water-based inks and not plastisol, designed by me in Kelowna, BC.

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