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Posted by | May 9, 2021
Meet the 5 Cool Kids of Drinks with Art in their OKGN DNA

Touch the art, guilt-free. If you’re missing all things art (like me), stick these Okanagan-based small-lot drinks producers on your radar: Ursa Major Winery x Anoushka Mirchandani Rajen Toor (RT)...

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Posted by | December 16, 2020
Dear Santa, hook these foodie kids up

Dear Santa... Umm, this list is not curated by me. Instead, I enlisted the help of the brightest, most brilliant minds I know for a special pandemic edition mission inspired...

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Posted by | December 6, 2020
5 Other Ways To Help Small Businesses

5 Other Ways To Help Small Businesses 1. Pay by e-transfer, cash (if they're accepting it) or debit if possible My Square processing fees are roughly 3.26% per credit card...

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Posted by | November 29, 2020
Non-edible gift ideas for food-types

Non-edible gift ideas for food-types in Canada (because we can’t eat everything) Just in case you missed the memo, Christmas in November is now a thing. The pandemic has been...

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Posted by | August 24, 2020
A Guide To How Locals #ExploreKelowna

A Guide To How Locals #ExploreKelowna I’ve been supporting local for as long as I’ve lived in Canada, which is 12 years. With a deeper connection to the land, it...

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Posted by | July 6, 2020
Where Bartenders & Chefs Eat & Drink in Kelowna

Where Bartenders & Chefs Eat and Drink in Kelowna When I travel, I make it all about the food (my definition of food naturally includes drink as well, just so...

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Posted by | June 3, 2020
5 Family Businesses in Kelowna

'We Are Family' 5 Family Businesses in Kelowna + West Kelowna Oh, family businesses. They give me the fuzzy feels, especially because I have been part of this rare breed...

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Posted by | February 9, 2020
5 Places to Eat Cookies in Kelowna

Cookies. Enough said. You don’t even need a reason. That’s why I decided to put together a tiny guide of where to go to fulfil your inner cookie monster cravings...

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Posted by | January 6, 2020
You and Me and a Bottle of Wine

A tale of two of Canada's wine growing regions. In the world of WSET wine education, Canada, as a growing region doesn’t feature, not even a line, zip. On paper,...

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Posted by | December 11, 2019
12 Kelowna Comfort Food Bites to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Whether you’re ready or not, winter is on its way. As the temperature drops and days get shorter, I think it’s time to indulge a little. Because food makes things...

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