When you decide to sell your restaurant, travel around the world, and do it solo, you have a lot of time to think – sometimes too much time. My iTunes account has been keeping me company and strangely giving me advice along the way.

“Everything is everything

What is meant to be, will be

After winter, must come spring

Change, it comes eventually”

[Lauryn Hill, Everything is Everything, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill]

‘After winter, must come spring’…unless you’ve skipped a season or 2 by travelling to New Zealand in their ‘late summer’. Dull, moody Okanagan skies were replaced with a whole lot of light. This great big ball of fire, called the sun, illuminates the bright blue sky, wispy white clouds do a stretch and then there’s this warm, sandy Weiheke Island beach.

March, peak season for local Te Matuku Bay Oysters, the perfect reason to grab 2-dozen super fresh oysters and host my own oyster fest on Onetangi Bay Beach. Te Matuku Bay Oysters are grown right there on the marine bay and were delivered the day before. With my own shucking knife, cutting board and white towel, I head to the beach (I’m a planner).

Environment plays a big part in flavour – just like raising animals or growing vegetables. So the flavour of the oyster is shaped a lot by the waters they live in.  The clear Pacific waters gave Te Matuku Bay Oysters a slightly sweet flavour with a full-on brine. With a splash of lime juice (borrowed from someone’s front garden) they were perfectly balanced. Plump, full of flavour and an almost creamy taste. [During my first paddleboarding experience I ingested this water, so I can confirm the environment and flavour point]

With a belly full of iodine I was satisfied. That New Zealand sun with its thin Ozone Layer was kicking my ass, so slurping oysters was a refreshing way to beat the heat.
Shuck oysters on a beach – check! Bring on the next edible adventure.
Sing it Lauryn:

“Sometimes it seems

We’ll touch that dream

But things come slow or not at all

And the ones on top, won’t make it stop

So convinced that they might fall

Let’s love ourselves then we can’t fail

To make a better situation

Tomorrow, our seeds will grow

All we need is dedication”

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